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    Learning Support Application Form


    Guitar Circus aims to enable each child to achieve his/her potential by providing support, where possible, for their particular learning needs. Please complete and submit the form below so that we can identify the best way to offer our support. Guitar Circus will only use your supplied information to determine whether a special needs adjustment will be granted for your audition itself after which this information will be destroyed and not stored.

    Applicant Details

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    Details of relevant conditions

    Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

    Specific learning difficulty (including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD)?

    Moderate/severe learning difficulty?

    Social, emotional or mental health issues?

    Speech, language and communication needs?

    Physical disability?

    Long term health condition?

    Other, please give details?

    Supporting Evidence

    Additional Notes

    Please refer to our website www.guitarcircus.org.uk for general information as to how Guitar Circus uses and when it stores candidates personal data.

    Thank you!